About Us

Desirable Lashes is founded by a young mother who is a certified eyelash extensions technician in the Bay Area, California.

As a young mother coming to the realization that time is of the essence for all mothers, students, babysitters, makeup artists and so on… there is not a lot of time to spare with busy schedules let alone money. False eyelashes are an inexpensive temporary solution for the day or night out to achieve a voluminous lash line. False Eyelashes are fun to play with because there are different lengths, styles and colors!

Many well-known cosmetic brands offer overpriced false eyelashes and there are many individual eyelash companies that do the same;

When commencing Desirable Lashes, we determined that providing the best possible price and quality for our shoppers is super important! Currently, we offer premium silk and mink lashes that are long lasting and lightweight. Our lash sets can be used up to 20+ times with proper care and each set comes in a durable box that you can use to store them. Each lash set style is unique being that they are handcrafted with care and always inspected for perfection prior to being shipped.

Although we are new to the online beauty industry (having launched in 2017) we have a passion for glamour and we strive to provide the largest selection of luxurious eyelashes.

It’s amazing that false eyelashes are quick to apply and just like eyelash extensions instantly provide any set of eyes with a more alert and glamorous appearance. Whether you are trying to achieve a soft natural or a noticeable dramatic look rest assured you will find the perfect lash set on our website.